7 Natural Foods that Burn Fat


Lemon & Lime 

Lime is known to be acidic, but when it breaks down in the body, an alkalizing effect is generated which increases the pH levels in the body. The rising pH levels ultimately eliminate harmful fat. The best part is that lime has a great taste as well. Lemon also achieves the same purpose. You can drink it with water or add it to your meals, especially fish. Both lemon and lime are great alternatives to sugar as far as the taste and fiber content is concerned. 



Coconut Milk 

Coconut is a great alternative to dairy milk. The high oil content in coconut milk aids the body in breaking down excess fat. The taste is excellent as well, and that is why coconut is used in lot of Asian meals. Another great benefit of coconut milk is that it helps to keep your skin clear. 




Avocado is rich in healthy fats and oils that help to burn harmful fat. Moreover, avocado is also rich in potassium (contains 50% more potassium than a banana) and fiber. On the other hand, it is low in sugar content, making it the ideal fruit for weight loss. 




Broccoli is a great source of vitamin C. It has low sugar content and is rich in fiber. That is why it not only helps to cut down fat, but aids in the prevention and treatment of various illnesses including cancer. 




Tomato is yet another low sugar fruit which also contains vitamin A and C. It also has an abundance of lycopene and other antioxidants. Lycopene helps to prevent prostate cancer as well. 



Olive Oil 

Olive is a tasty replacement to the salad dressings you purchase from the market. Olive contains monounsaturated fats that prevent coronary heart disease, enabling you to perform cardiovascular exercises efficiently. Olive oil also contains lots of fat burning oils, and it also helps to fight inflammation and hypertension. 




Alfalfa is traditionally associated with herbal medicine. It contains a lot of benefits for your body. For example, Alfalfa contains large amounts of calcium that keep your bones strong. Moreover, it is a great natural source of protein. Finally, Alfalfa is rich in most B vitamins as well, and all these factors help in burning fat as well giving you enough energy to lead a healthy lifestyle. 


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